Wet N Wild Pop Art Craze Palettes


Today I found these at Walgreens! It’s the new limited edition palettes from Wet N Wild, “Pop Art Craze” collection. I love me some Wet N Wild eye shadows! Yes, I personally have believed since as long as I can remember, “Wet N Wild” is a weird name for a cosmetics brand, but oh, do they do some things right. As in, eye shadow! So anyways, this collection appears to be big, bold brights with a matte texture. Although some belie a bit of sheen in the packaging, upon swatching they all read MATTE to me! All of the colors have good payoff, and at $1.99 on sale, you can’t get more bang for you buck. I hope to have some purple shadow comparisons in the future, as well as a bright eye look.

Hard Being the It Girl


A Regular at the Factory


Your 15 Minutes Aren’t Up!


I’m Seeing Triples!


Swatches are made over NYX jumbo pencil in milk:



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